Leading High Reliability Organizations In Healthcare

To put it differently, zero flaws. Helping to guarantee quality at every level, high-reliability methods provide health care leaders the resources they need to accomplish this noble aim.

Leading High-Reliability Organizations in Healthcare details the practices and attributes which assist high-reliability organizations (HROs) excel at the support they supply to their clients. Explaining what is necessary to attain high reliability in healthcare settings, it defines reliability as a whole lot more than simply being secure, it explains how to quantify efficacy and paves the way for greater reliability.

The publication presents proven resources, theories, and skills which top healthcare organizations are utilizing to boost security and quality, such as error proofing, Lean Six Sigma, and reliability technology.

It details the functions and duties of both key organizational elements involved in attaining high reliability: direction and also the reliability “engineers” who employ reliability procedures both socially and technically during the health care value flow.

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